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How to draw on November birthstones for thoughtful gifts

November is already racing ahead, bringing colder nights, the occasional frosty morning and the prospect of the festive season ahead.

However, anyone with November birthdays among their friends and family will no doubt be keen to organise their gifts before looking towards Christmas.

With this in mind, why not consider choosing something to fit in with this month's birthstone? This kind of present is always well-received, as it shows the recipient some thought has been...

15 Nov 2017

Enormous diamond sells at auction

A necklace featuring the biggest diamond of its kind ever to be auctioned has sold for a whopping £25.6 million at Christie's in Geneva.

The flawless, colourless diamond was...

14 Nov 2017

Rita Ora lets her jewellery do the talking

How many times have you been running late when getting ready for a night out and still been in your bathrobe when you should have been meeting your mates? It's happened to us many times, we...

14 Nov 2017

Would you wear pink to work?

If you work in an office with a formal dress code, then the chances are that your weekday wardrobe consists of trouser and skirt suits in colours like grey, black and navy. And then probably some...

14 Nov 2017

Brooches are making a comeback

Here at Majique, we stock a wide range of jewellery and we've always had a particularly soft spot for brooches. They're so pretty and versatile, plus they make a great statement piece on a...